Make your clients "Leave a Message", not your store!

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Follow up your clients
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Simple idea, many possibilities

Is it possible to provide the same touch proof in online store as in brick and mortar stores? Maybe in the future, but now customers always have an opportunity to contact the seller. Leave a Message makes this opportunity simpler.

Why Leave a Message?

Leave a Message is the simplest way to contact a seller. Client just types a message and sends it to you! 

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Innovative contact tool

Customers don't need to wait for a Consultant or send an email or call. They can ask about everything in few seconds!

Time and money saving

You don't need to have a Consultant. Leave a Message is on your clients' hand all
the time.

Increase sale
Acquiring email addresses

Following up the customers via email and contacting them for possible promotions later on.

Relationship building

The regular customer is the best customer. Thanks to a better support your clients feel special.

Explore Lave a Message

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How Does it work?

Leave a Message is a simple email form in a pop-up. 


Encourage client to contact

When a client starts browsing
your store, all what he sees, is a small
bar with your personalized text. After a while 
Leave a Message shows up automatically to
encourage them to contact.

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Easy contact to the seller

If a client has a question, all he
needs to do is a click. After that he
can type a message!


Email form

After sending, Leave a Message
asks the client for their email address.
Additionally, if you want to use
their email address for promotional content
you can place the checkbox there.


Easy to manage

Leave a Message automatically send your clients' message directly to your mailbox with URL address
where it was sent. You can reply like you reply for normal email!

Available on Shopify

Are you ready to upgrade your support? Start 21 days free trial!

21-day free trial

8,95$ monthly payment after free trial

  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Marketing consent checkbox
  • Time trigger
  • Unlimited colors
  • 3 types of shape 
  • Possibility of horizontal placing
  • Support

Why choose "Leave a Message"?

Customer Friendly tool

Your customers don't need to fill in long and complicated forms. All they need to do is, type a message and leave an email!

Always on hand

Leave a Message encourages your clients to contact 24/7 and is visible for clients in every page. If they have a question, they don't need to look for a contact!

Tips & tricks

Interest in Leave a Message?
Find out how to adjust our app to your store and increase your sales and customer support!

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