How to boost your sale with Leave a Message?

What hits the mark best? Personalised prompts.

In Leave a Message, thanks to the feature enabling you to make changes in every text you may have, you can choose text which suits the opportunity. 

Put to use our feature which allows you to alter texts so you can show your willingness to contact even at the early stage.

But the question is how to do it?

Using our creator you may change almost every text which is visible for the client (if you wanna have it in any language other than english – you have special characters at your disposal).

If you wanna personalise your prompts, keep these few simple rules in mind:

1. Use the exact same stylistics as the one you use in the marketing communication.
2. Create short but clear texts encouraging people to get in touch with you.
3. In the window with the email address you can apply a simple prompt: What email address should we use to get back to you?
4. Approach the client directly using phrases such as: Do you need help? Message us…

You can change your statements as often as you wish. Use this feature to encourage people to:

  • take part in competitions
  • give out discounts
  • invite them to negotiate
  • report malfunctions
  • or to adjust the tool to the current season

Show off your creativity! The main idea behind Leave a Message was to make the customer-seller relation less formal. Take advantage of this and share your ideas.