How to follow up your customers efficiently?

Followups are great tools to boost sales. Nowadays, when we have various programs to automate sales, they are very popular. But imagine being in your customer’s shoes for a moment. What features should the follow up have to make you buy the product?

We cannot forget about the most important aspect of every followup – personalising the prompt.

Leave a Message makes the customer – seller contact a lot more easier and valuable at the same time – speaking to the person not the robot makes the shopping experience way more pleasant. Make use of that – encourage your client to buy or sell more products.

You can find some examples below. They are ready to use as schemes for your clients.

1. Customer asked a question about the product – customer bought that product.

You got a message about the specific product? It means the client thinks about getting that item. The aim which is selling the product is for the asking! If you answered the customer and he made an order, you can offer him a complementary one!

After a few days, send a personalised email, encourage the client to share his thoughts on the product and offer him an extra one or maybe… a little discount? 

2. Customer asked a question about the product – customer did not buy the product.

When even after your answer the client did not buy the product, it’s worth establishing why. Maybe the customer was asking to have a clear picture of the product, but it might have had an impact on something else? 

You need to establish why the product has not been bought. It’s worth sending an email to the customer where you assure him you remember about his question and ask him what is stopping him from making a decision.

Maybe the price matters?  – Ask what price would make him get the item.

Maybe the product is not suitable for the client? – Ask what is missing and suggest an alternative.

Maybe it’s a matter of appropriate social proof? – Convince your customer by using additional photos or other customers’ opinions.

Ask open questions. They show you really care and help you give the client the best advice.

3. Customer asked the general question about the buying process.

If the client did not ask about the particular product but the procedure, make use of it. When answering him, ask him if everything seems clear or if any further help is needed. Then ask about the products he is interested in – try to advise him the best purchase. It is gonna allow you to make a connection with a client. 

4. Ask for opinion

In today’s world opinions are crucial when it comes to making a decision while shopping. If the client bought something from you or asked about the buying procedure aspects – make use of that to get his or her opinion about the product.

Send a message a few days after the conversation asking your client to share the opinion on shopping experience. Put the link which can be used to share the opinion and recall your previous conversation.

Be creative and keep in touch!

Remember, clients who message you make your conversation direct. By sending out interesting personalized messages not only do you boost your sales but also establish the connection with the client. That is favourable to making him a regular customer.