How to use a checkbox to collect your clients email addresses?

Getting in touch with a client is a basic factor when it comes to effective sales. Has anyone said you have to get rid of this when online selling?

The Internet is full of tools enabling you to create and position ads. We also have various options concerning sending out newsletters and emails. And here comes the inevitable question: how do I do it effectively? The answer is quite simple – You do it by targeting the right people – the interested ones!

How make it easier with Leave a Message?

Leave a Message is a tool which makes seller-customer contact so much easier. It enables you to send  messages way easier and quicker. How to make use of the fact that the client asks us questions when we know that specific customer is interested in our offer? By maintaining a line of communication even after the deal.

How you can do it?

Our app allows you to collect email addresses from people who contact you. Simply turn on the checkbox in settings – all done!

and set appropriate info about how the email address is gonna be managed. In order to make it easier for you, our idea is to put a link to your statute there.

Using checkbox is voluntary! It means that if any of your clients does not want to get any more messages from you, he or she can still send a message without tick it.

To sum up…

Checkbox is a nice bonus which makes it possible for you to create a list of customers interested in your offer to message them later on.