Leave a Message – App Manual

Welcome in our manual!

Leave a Message is the simplest way to contact clients with the store owner. In a few seconds, the client can send a message to the seller’s mailbox, who can reply to it directly from there.

How can you adjust Leave a Message to your store?

Leave a Message can be fully personalized, you can change not only the design, but also the texts, position on your store and the time of trigger.

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Table of contents
1. Checkbox
2. Basic functionalities
3. Replying to messages from customers

1. Checkbox

How to turn on the checkbox which allows you to collect marketing consent?

You just need to enter the information about the user's consent. Additionally, you can put a link redirecting to the privacy policy of your store.

Collecting consent for data processing is not obligatory, you do not have to put it in your store. If the client does not want to select consent, they will be able to contact you anyway!


2. Basic functionalities

Creator is composed of two main parts:
- Personalisation Panel (left)
- Preview of changes (right)


2. Design

In this panel, you can adjust the shape of the app, to fit in with your store design.

When it comes to choosing a color, you can use our suggestions or customize individual colors of the Leave a Message.

The last part of design are fonts, you can choose it from the drop down list.


2. Text

You can create all texts seen in widget. Every field is attributed to the appropriate view on the right.

In Email View you can turn on the checkbox option and put a link redirecting to the privacy policy of your store.


2. Settings

You can turn on or turn off visibility of the widget in your store.

In this panel you are able to adjust the position of the widget, you can change it horizontally.

Trigger time - in this panel you can choose how fast the Pop-Up will be visible for your customers.

Here you can put an email address where messages from you customers will be delivered.


3. Email

If you want to reply to your client message, you can just click on the reply button in your mailbox.

The client address will automatically be inserted in the recipient field of the message.